March 30, 2015

What To Wear to Coachella - Music Festival Style

With March nearly over, the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and music festival season has arrived. Can you believe that Coachella is just weeks away? Even if you're not headed to the desert next month to dance the days and nights away, you can draw inspiration from the proliferation of bohemian-tinged apparel and accessories in retail stores. This is the time of year that I love to get ready for spring and summer by injecting my wardrobe with festival-inspired flourishes and warm weather staples such as fringe, crochet, and colorful rompers.

For the festival season, I'm excited to partner with Kohl's, one of my go-to retailers, for a music festival fashion post in which I've styled three looks featuring pieces from their Juniors' department. For me, the mention of Coachella instantly conjures images of festival standby pieces such as sheer kimonos, lace tops, soft shorts, and floppy hats. I also love less predictable festival style ideas such as jeweled sandals, crochet wedges, or palm tree earrings. So the looks I've created are based around three themes: "glam and girlie", "one-piece wonder", and "fringe and flares". All three outfit ideas involve taking casual, comfortable basics and adding embellished details for an unexpected and effortless kind of festival glamour. 

what to wear to Coachella, three Coachella outfit ideas, spring music festival style
Shop the looks:

Look 1
1. SO aviators, $11.99
2. Mudd bell sleeve peasant top (also comes in black), $24.99
3. Mudd destructed denim shorts (also in dark or light wash), $21.99
4. Candie's heart turnlock crossbody bag (also in black), $22.99
5. Candie's jeweled gladiator sandals, $37.99
6. Mudd tattoo and midi ring set, $13

Look 2
7. Mudd floral fedora (also comes in tan), $16
8. Sterling silver state pendant necklace, $19.99
9. LC Lauren Conrad printed jumpsuit (also in floral), $25.60
10. Mudd peep-toe wedges (also in red, black, or blue), $34.99

Look 3
11. SO palm tree, fish, and pineapple earring set, $8.99
12. Mudd off-the-shoulder crop top (also in black floral), $14.40
13. S.o. r.a.d. Collection by Awesomeness TV printed flared pants, $16.99
14. Mudd fringe crossbody bag (also in cognac), $24.99
15. Candie's embellished sandals (also in black or gold), $15.99

Thank you to Kohl's for partnering on this post. Watch this space for more festival fashion inspiration, and take a peek at my festival style board on Pinterest. 

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March 26, 2015

Six Lilly for Target Lookbook Outfit Ideas

By now you've likely seen the recently released Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook, and perhaps you've read my post with 14 tips on how to shop Lilly for Target. With the collection's debut less than four weeks away, I'm studying the lookbook down to every detail, as if there's going to be a test. 

One of my favorite aspects of this collection, which will be available on April 19, is the diverse range of items, from custom nail colors by Essie and pom pom-trimmed shorts to flirty shift dresses and quirky jewelry. Although the apparel and jewelry interests me the most, I'm even eyeing the gold-plated swizzle sticks, printed iPhone cases, fun sandals, and gold-trimmed porcelain plates. With prices ranging from $2 to $250 and 250 items to choose from, there's something for everyone and for every budget.

After reviewing the resort-inspired collection a few times, I've styled six outfits for various occasions featuring some of my top Lilly for Target picks. 

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target casual shopping day outfit idea

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target casual brunch outfit idea with pom pom shorts

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target shift dress casual party outfit idea

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target casual romper music festival outfit idea

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target casual white eyelet shorts and shirt outfit idea

Lilly for Target lookbook preview, Lilly Pulitzer for Target bikini beach kimono outfit idea

Lilly Pulitzer once said, "style isn't just about what you wear, it's about how you live." I concur, and with this vibrant collection, we'll all be able to live more colorfully.

Let me know what your must-haves are by tweeting me @thekeytochic or visiting me on Facebook, and join me on Twitter for more shopping info as the launch approaches.

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March 24, 2015

Back Story

Fashion blogger The Key To Chic wears a twist back top, cage sports bra, Merona floral pants, and Sam & Libby Arianna gladiator sandals.

Fashion blogger The Key To Chic wears a twist back top, Forever 21 strappy cage sports bra, and Merona floral pants

Merona floral pants, Phillip Lim for Target mini satchel, Sam & Libby Arianna gladiator sandals

Fashion blogger The Key To Chic wears a twist back top, Forever 21 cage sports bra, and Merona floral pants

Merona floral wide leg pants, Sam & Libby Arianna gladiator sandals

Chic Nova twist back top, Forever 21 cage sports bra, Movado watch, Merona floral pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target mini satchel (similar price and style), and Sam & Libby Arianna gladiator sandals

My new style habit? Incorporating the sports bras that I live in with my non-workout looks. In particular, I'm drawn to the excessively strappy cage styles that beg to be put on display. Long gone are the days of boring fitness attire, and I'm more than happy to merge fitness and fashion elements into my on-the-go outfits. 

Get the look:

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March 15, 2015

14 Tips for How To Shop Lilly for Target

As much as I'm anticipating the start of spring, I'm looking forward to the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection on April 19 a little bit more. (See a preview of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook and learn more about the collection.) 

Although it's over a month away, I'm already planning my shopping strategy. As a devotee of colorful florals and casual clothing, I'm excited to incorporate pieces from the budget-friendly, preppy collection into my wardrobe. With close to a decade of Target collaboration shopping under my belt, I've learned from trial and error exactly how to score each and every piece I want - both online and in-store. Today I'm sharing fourteen tips to help you shop Lilly Pulitzer for Target and get everything on your wish list. Read on for helpful info on how, when, and where to shop the collection.

Target store

The in-Store Strategy

1. Know where to go. Find out which stores in your area will stock the collection by checking Target's site. Better yet, call your local store to double check. Since I have about 6 Target stores near me, I shop the two stores which tend to have the largest selection based upon previous designer collections. Once the collection has launched online, use Target's "find item in store" function to search for specific items in stock in your area. It's not always accurate, but it can be helpful to help you plan your shopping.

2. Be an early bird. You know what they say about the early bird. My Target stores open at 8am on Sunday, and I've found in the past that if I arrive by 7:30, then I'm able to get what I want, since there aren't crowds in my area. For people who live in large cities, I'd recommend going at least 1-2 hours (or more) before the store opens. For shoppers in more suburban or rural areas, the competition and crowds are reduced, but the selection of goods may be as well. In my experience, stock varies widely from store to store. Sometimes metropolitan area stores and stores in higher income neighborhoods carry a better selection of merchandise. 

3. Bring a buddy. A family member, friend, or significant other might be able to help you get the pieces you want and help you make purchasing decisions. The Jason Wu for Target cat tote would not be mine if not for a dedicated boyfriend. I may or may not have bribed him to shop with me in exchange for Sunday brunch! 

4. Check for go-backs. If your favorite clothing pieces disappear from the racks in a flash, check the fitting room go-back rack, as many items end up there during the morning rush to try things on. Be courteous, be patient, and don't be afraid to chat with other shoppers and trade to get what you want! 

5. Persistence pays off. Target doesn't restock these collections, but you can still score your favorites. If you don't find what you want, check back for returns in the coming days and weeks, as many shoppers take items back to the store. Ahem, buyer's remorse! Don't forget to check the customer service desk for fresh returns as well. Target has a 90-day return policy for purchases, and a generous 120-day return policy for RedCard users, so familiarize yourself with the complete return policy details for collaboration items by checking your invoice or receipt. The best part about returns? Online exclusive items are heavily discounted when returned to stores, leaving the door open for other persistent shoppers to get really lucky. After four or so weeks, the collection will be discounted to 30% (and eventually to 50% or 70%) off, so frequent visits to Target after the launch could really pay off. website

The Online Strategy

1. Learn the lookbook. I know it sounds basic, but it's overlooked by some shoppers. Review the lookbook carefully and be prepared. Pick out your favorites, and get familiar with the prints, prices, and colorways. Know which items are online only from the lookbook info (so you can shop those first), and which will be sold in Target stores. For this collection, the plus sizes are online only (bummer, I know). 

2Play favorites. Make a list or a collage of your top picks. I like to create a collage in Photoshop (with prices and sizes) as a visual cue of my must-haves. It helps me stick to my budget (more on that in #3) and it saves me time when deciding what to buy.

3. Better stick to your budget. It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of these collections and go overboard. While Target has a customer-friendly return policy, it's easier to avoid overspending and just buy the pieces you absolutely love and that fill a gap in your wardrobe. 

4. Know when and how to shop. Since Target's collections debut on Saturday night or early Sunday morning, be prepared to stay up late or get up early (depending on your time zone) in order to shop online. 
If you're on the East Coast, I feel for you! Target doesn't designate or announce a specific time to launch the collaboration online because their site might crash. Join me on Twitter on Saturday night around 8pm PST for the pre-launch. I promise you'll be so glad you did (more on that in #9). Be extra prepared by using more than one web browser, mobile device, etc. I use Chrome and Safari, and I have had more luck with Chrome. Refresh often and have patience. Items tend to pop up and then disappear during the initial launch. Expect some glitches but don't give up. Remember, persistence is key! 

5. Save your info. As the time to shop online approaches, log onto and have your checkout and payment details saved ahead of time. This makes for faster checkout process and reduces the chances of having your cart emptied before you can click the "complete order" button. Why get a RedCard? Target RedCard users enjoy free shipping, an extra 30 days to return certain merchandise, and a 5% discount on purchases. Sweet!

6. Click quickly. 
Submit your order right after placing an item in your cart. Do not shop and fill up your cart. Why? Once an item is in your cart, it's not reserved for you. In order to avoid an item being removed from your cart because it's sold out, you need to click quickly and complete your order! If you are a RedCard holder, you don't need to worry about multiple shipping charges if you have multiple orders because shipping on is free. For non-RedCard holders, shipping over $25 is free.

7. Stay social. Use social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram for #LillyforTarget shopping updates, product info, and to connect with other shoppers. Sign up for Target's email updates. 

8. Style sharing. I'll also be posting photos on my Instagram of my favorite pieces, with tips on fit, and overall impressions. Naturally, I'll write a comprehensive Lilly Pulitzer for Target review with additional fitting room photos and opinions on launch day. 

9. A little birdie said. Wanna be the first to shop the collection online? Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and join me on Saturday night at 8PM Pacific time and early Sunday morning to get tips, share your excitement, and to be the first to shop the collection. Use the hash tag #LillyforTarget and happy shopping! 


* March 26, 2015 update - See the complete lookbook and interactive #LillyforTarget party, and get six Lilly for Target outfit ideas to help you plan your wish list.

Shop Lilly Pulitzer pieces under $75:

Lilly Pulitzer spring favorites:

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