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November 8, 2018

Moschino for H&M Alternatives

H&M's annual designer collaborations are known to spark shopping frenzies, website crashes, and sold out items. With its logo-infused graphics, flashy accessories, and bright colors, the collection stayed true to Jeremy Scott's fun-filled aesthetic at Moschino.

If you missed out on some of your Moschino for H&M must-haves, don't worry. You can still get the fun, cartoon-inspired, colorful Moschino look. Here's what to buy as alternatives to the Moschino for H&M collection

This post will be updated in the coming days to share more alternatives to the most popular items from the collection. Catch up with me on Twitter @thekeytochic for more shopping and fashion inspiration.

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Shop more alternatives:

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October 15, 2018

POPSUGAR at Kohl's Review

I've been meaning to stop by Kohl's to check out the new POPSUGAR at Kohl's collection which launched last month so I could publish a review. My first impressions after seeing glimpses of the line on social media were mild interest and collaboration fatigue at best, hence, the delay. When it comes to these launches, it seems that Kohl's doesn't put forth the amount of effort and financial investment required to generate buzz and excitement compared to their competitors. Nevertheless, I went to the store with an open mind and a coupon code.

In the store, I was met with a few mediocre pieces and a few surprise hits. If I had to describe the POPSUGAR at Kohl's collection in three words, it would be: preppy, casual, and colorful. The color palette strongly consists of black, red, various shades of blue, and soft pink. Along with the usual rayon and polyester-filled racks were a few redeeming cotton tops and denim/chambray pieces. The uninspired and vague motto for the collection is "the clothes we live in, play in and love in." It doesn't exactly speak to me or let me know what the collection really encapsulates. Aside from the lackluster marketing, I did appreciate the visuals, which feature POPSUGAR employees wearing the collection. See more from the POPSUGAR team on the Kohl's website. It's refreshing to see non-professional models and I found them to be relatable. 

Pricing note: in true Kohl's mark up to mark down form, the collection was advertised in the store as 25% off. That, combined with my 15% or 20% discount code, would make things more wallet friendly.  

Here's a look at what my store carried.

popsugar at kohl's review

My store recently redecorated and the POPSUGAR collection was front and center where the ELLE collection used to be. The "everything is better with a pop of sugar" signage was eye-catching and clever.

popsugar at kohl's review

From the looks of the selection, not many things were sold out, and there were plenty of the larger sizes available. Sizing is 0-24, but my store mainly carried sizes 2-14. The items I browsed looked like they ran slightly big, except for the crop tops and fitted tees. 

popsugar at kohl's review

Shop striped pieces:

In terms of prints and design details, expect lots of stripes, with some florals, heart graphics, and sporty piping. I found all four pieces below to be really cute and tempting, but ended up leaving the store empty-handed. The striped sweater ($32.99) says "love ya self" and would look chic with dark denim. The blue and white striped blouse with puffy shoulders ($29.99) has a button-back design and runs big. It looked more expensive and reminded me of Rebecca Taylor. I almost bought the balloon-sleeve sweatshirt ($32.99) on the lower right but I just didn't love the raw hem.  

popsugar at kohl's review outfits

Shop my favorite tops:

The collection reminded me a lot of the ELLE collection, especially the knitwear. 

popsugar at kohl's review outfits

The embroidered heart details (shop the pink sweater for $36.99 or ruffle sleeve top for $24.99) were charming and cute for layering. They reminded me of the LC Lauren Conrad collection. I liked the side striped ankle pants ($36.99), but something about the thin double red stripe gave me cheap pants vibes. I know that Zara excels when it comes to sporty trousers like this. 

Shop the looks:

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Shop the collection:

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September 19, 2018

Prologue at Target Review

I first discovered Prologue, Target's new clothing line for Women, two weeks before the official launch date of September 14. On a quiet Friday evening Target run, I stumbled upon a few professional, minimal pieces and was intrigued once I spotted the Prologue label. Having heard nothing about Prologue, I quickly browsed the offerings and ended up buying this ivory camisole. A quick Google search later that weekend uncovered a trademark application but nothing else. Fast forward to a week later, when Target made the announcement and shared the lookbook. During another visit to the same Target store a few days later, all the Prologue pieces were pulled from the floor. It seems like my Target store has a knack for putting some collections out too early. 

Given this mishap, I was eager to see the line again on the launch day. Described as the "essential edit of modern style", Prologue is comprised of workwear basics such as button front blouses, blazers, pencil skirts, and slim trousers. I think of them as basics with a twist. A puffy sleeve here, a cargo pocket there, these are chic wardrobe items that can transition from a formal office to the weekend with a change of shoes and accessories. Target's claim that they use elevated materials is true. The pieces have more heft than other brands at Target and appear more expensive than they are. With prices under $50 and sizes ranging from 0-16 (with some pieces up to 30W online), Prologue aims to be both versatile and wallet friendly. 

Shop my favorites below.

Sizing tips: I found sizing to run similar to Merona and A New Day. With workwear pieces such as blazers, trousers, and button front blouses, tailoring matters, so try things on when in doubt. Many pieces have wrinkle resistant fabrications and stretch for added comfort and convenience.

Quality tips: the fabrics are not flimsy and look on par with pricier brands such as Ann Taylor or Club Monaco. Case in point, this faux leather dress for $39.99 or this coated denim trench for $49.99. 

Color palette: don't expect bold, bright prints or colors. These are minimal pieces done in a palette of neutrals such as black, grey, or ivory and punctuated with the occasional navy, blush, or lilac.

These are my favorite looks from the lookbook.

Prologue Target lookbook

Here's a peek at the collection in three different stores. Some of the stores are undergoing renovations and updates including brighter lighting, more upscale visual merchandising displays, improved signage, and new carpet.

Prologue Target clothing review

Prologue Target review

I picked up these cropped cargo trousers ($29.99). They have an easy fit through the leg (with 5% spandex), are well tailored, and run true to size. 

Prologue Target cargo pants

Balloon sleeves and snap front closures give the classic blouse ($24.99) a modern update, and the faux leather dress ($39.99) on the left is selling out quickly. 

Prologue Target clothing review

This sherpa vest ($44.99) makes quite the style statement when layered over polished basics.

Prologue Target sherpa vest

Below, I'm wearing the sherpa vest in XS, and while I like the concept, the length was too long and the shape was too boxy for my taste. It has snap front closures and two front pockets that are stitched closed. It does shed a little, leaving behind fibers on your clothing. I'm wearing it layered over the open cardigan ($34.99) in XS. It has 5% wool so it's slightly scratchy, but not enough to bother me. It also comes in grey and on the plus side, it didn't require much ironing and it kept me warm for a breezy night at the beach. I'd size down on the cardigan because it runs big in the shoulder and arm area.

Prologue Target sherpa vest cardigan

This asymmetrical wrap skirt looks much more expensive than its $24.99 price tag.

Prologue Target wrap cargo skirt

The mock neck sweater below ($24.99) has an elastic waist, giving it an athletic vibe and casual feel. It's made of a medium weight polyester rayon blend, and makes a perfect layering piece for winter.

Prologue Target mock neck pullover sweater

I later bought these jogger trousers ($29.99), which run slightly big. I'm wearing them below on the left (size small) with this V-neck camisole ($17.99) from the collection and Gucci Aces. On the right I'm wearing the cropped cargo trousers ($29.99) in size 4. They require little ironing, and they are ultra comfortable, while not being flimsy like some trousers at this price point.

Prologue Target review trousers and outfits

Get the looks:

While not as colorful and full of prints as the Who What Wear collection, the new Prologue collection looks chic, and I will be keeping my eye on the more trend-centric pieces.

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Shop Prologue:

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August 21, 2018

Women's Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Fashion Trend Forecast

In this post I'll be sharing four Women's fashion trends for fall 2019 and winter 2020 by New York-based trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops

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The four themes that Fashion Snoops has presented for the fall 2019/winter 2020 season are Rebuild, New World, Oracle, and Trigger. In this post on The Key To Chic, I'm sharing the inspiration, color palettes, materials, prints, and must-have items for each theme. 

1. Rebuild
Here's the background on Rebuild according to Fashion Snoops:

In a turbulent world, we are inspired by the true grit of the post Depression era, a time that merged rural farming with mass industrialization. Influenced by the American Regionalism style, the focus is on heightened emotions and reconstructed notions of design - how to make the best out of what you have. John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath is a key influence. Today, we reinforce this focus on a bygone era as we seek to learn from those who persisted despite difficult circumstances, capturing raw emotion and humanity along the way. 

rebuild fashion trend forecast fall 2019 winter 2020

With Rebuild, there's a focus on community, emotions, and the need to find common ground with others. There's a new sense of modern modesty. The color palette for Rebuild expresses authentic realism and endurance. Colors are industrial and bucolic. There are wind worn brights, browns, golds, and iron ore. 

rebuild trend forecast colors

Materials are rugged, cozy, heavyweight, and include picked seams, crafted tweeds, raw denim, starched cotton, patchwork, and railroad stripes. The Women's version of Rebuild is called Pioneertown. Design details are quilted techniques, mixed media, knots, and soft ruffles. Must-have items are the full midi dress, tailored jumpsuit, maxi dress, trucker jacket, puff-sleeve blouse, wide leg pants, and oversized sweater. Important accessories are the western boot, bucket bag, oval sunglasses, corset belt, bandana, and ankle socks. See Chloé for more must-haves.

Shop examples of Rebuild:

2. New World 
Recent scientific discoveries ignite a new curiosity in design and inspire unconventional solutions for humanity to interact and sustain the natural world. Technological innovations continue to drive progressive ideas with renewables and sustainability practices, and a focus on merging these concepts with human nature is essential. We venture beyond the boundaries of the planet with awe-inspiring space discoveries that remind us that we may not be as alone in the universe as we once thought. The science fiction undertones of the New World are informed by recent reboots of Utopic fiction, and an emerging emphasis on futuristic forms is inspired by architects like the late Zaha Hadid, whose use of swooping curvilinear lines became iconic.

new world fashion trend forecast fall 2019 winter 2020

Human connection is essential for innovation. Colors for New World are tech metallics balanced by lush greens and blues. Humanoid, a pink-based skin tone, is a notable color. 

new world trend forecast colors

Materials feel organic. They include PVC, puckered fabrics, and nylon. The Women's trend story is called Horizon, and is punctuated with curved lines, futuristic surfaces, and utility elements. Design details are bold cutouts, fringe, high necklines, mixed media, and exposed zippers. Must-have items are the asymmetric dress, boxy tee, puffer jacket, cargo pants, cropped track pants, and pullover anorak. Accessories for this theme include the wide leg PVC boot, crossbody bags, ombré rectangle sunglasses, wide belt, puffer scarf, crew socks, and statement earrings. See Stella McCartney for more ideas and inspiration. 

Shop examples of New World:

3. Oracle
We take a step into a seductive new world where mystery and a sense of foreboding luxury create an alluring underworld. Darkness and a whisper of the unknown inspire a rich complexity that elevates the beauty of high-end fashion and design. We become more attuned to the effects of the phases of the moon, rising tides, and astrological shifts. Music and style icons like Michele Lamy and Karin Dreije demonstrate how mystical, feminine power can evoke compelling forms and textures that tap into our primal beings and take us further into the depths of consciousness.

oracle fashion trend forecast fall 2019 winter 2020

Oracle is rich and indulgent with an underworld element. The color palette for Oracle is dark and hypnotic, with seductive purple, earthy tones, greens, taupes, and blues. 

oracle trend forecast colors

Materials are satin, decayed leather, dark floral prints, weighted velvet, candle waxed fur, and wool bouclé. Texture and luster are important. The Women's trend story is called Enchanted. Design details are puff sleeves, high necklines, embellishments, animal appliqués, subtle pieced construction, ruffles, mixed media, and bows. Must-have items are the velvet midi dress, satin slip dress, asymmetric dress, velvet blazer, maxi dress, cape, and puff-sleeve blouse. Accessories include the pointed toe ankle boot, frame purse, veil, embellished barrettes, corset belt, and leather gloves. See Zimmermann and Ulla Johnson for more inspiration and examples.

4. Trigger
The duality of push and pull creates a catalyst for contemporary design. Normcore dressing is reexamined and reconstructed to compose a unique visual dialogue that blends cerebral construction with a confident streetwise edge. Color becomes assertive and is used with great effect. Artists like John Baldessari and photographer David Brandon Geeting emphasize this undercurrent of graphic impact and inspire the use of saturated hues and unexpected juxtapositions; it's color blocking taken to the next level. It all results in a smart level of minimalism ignited by bold design details and redefining shapes. 

trigger fashion trend forecast fall 2019 winter 2020

There's a streetwise edge to Trigger; see Virgil Abloh's work for inspiration. Colors for the Trigger theme are industrial, and include pink, orange, black, and concrete grey. 

trigger trend forecast colors

Materials are a mix of fancy, artsy, and industrial. Modular texture is key. The materials take a construction-like approach with bold geometry, Terrazzo fragments, and matte leather. The Women's trend story is called Switch, where architectural lines, '80s details, and energetic colors are key. Volume is very important, as are strong shoulders and utility details. Key items are the sweater dress, fur coat, ladylike pleated skirt, puffer jacket, high waist pencil skirt, and blazer. Accessories are the slingback pump, accordion bag, cat eye frames, gemstone barrettes, fingerless gloves, belt pouches, and sheer socks. See Maison Margiela and Dolce & Gabbana for more examples.

Shop examples of Trigger:

Please note that this blog post is adapted from Fashion Snoops, is protected by international copyright laws, and may not be republished without permission. Students, please feel free to use this information for school projects as long as it's not reproduced or republished online and you properly cite both Fashion Snoops and The Key To Chic as sources.

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Shop the trends:

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August 17, 2018

Five Footwear Trends for Spring Summer 2019

During a visit to FNPlatform this month, I had the opportunity to visit a few footwear booths to preview the latest collections for fall 2018 and spring/summer 2019. Highlights from the trade show include discussions about sustainability, displays and backdrops to encourage Instagram addicts, colorful, stylish sandals by Brazilian brand Ipanema, and the hottest color of the moment - Gen Z yellow (a rich shade of mustard). If you love shoes, you're in the right place. I'll be sharing five key footwear trends for fall 2018 and spring summer 2019 in this trend report.

1. The Golden Rule
Move over, Millennial pink. There's a new hue in town, and she's called Gen Z yellow. Also known as goldenrod or mustard, this color is hard to ignore; it's everywhere. I spotted it on sandals, flats, and heels at almost every booth. It pairs well with neutrals like taupe, grey, and black, but it also plays well with teal, green, and orange.

Clockwise from top left: Zaxy, Rider, Zaxy, and Stephanie Classic.

gen z yellow footwear trend 2019

Shop gold footwear:

2. Fit to be Tied
Adorable bows and chic knotted details continue to be strong into the spring 2019 season. Whether it's on casual flip flops or more polished heels, these embellishments add a hint of playfulness to women's footwear.

Clockwise from top left: Zaxy, Stephanie Classic, Carrano, and Carrano.

knots and bows footwear trend 2019

Browse bows and knotted details:

3. Rainbow Brights
Right in line with the resurgence of the '90s, these vibrant rainbow colors inject a happy vibe into sandals and sneakers. 

Clockwise from top left: Stephanie Classic, Stephanie Classic, Coolway, and Ipanema

rainbow brights footwear trend 2019

4. Sneakers with Thick Soles
The chunky "dad" sneaker is having a moment, thanks in part to luxury brands like Balenciaga, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney. They're not just for athleisure looks. I've spotted them worn in dressed-up ways, with everything from leopard print midi skirts to striped wide-leg trousers. 

Clockwise from top: Carrano, Coolway, and Schutz. Shop the Schutz sneaker right here under $200.

chunky dad sneakers fashion trend 2018 2019

Shop designer sneakers:

Browse more chunky sneakers:

5. See Through Style
Lucite and clear strap details, also reminiscent of the '90s, were another trend I saw repeated in many booths. Several brands showed them in heels, pumps, sandals, and even ankle boots. 

Clockwise from top left: Carrano, Schutz, Coolway, and Vicenza.

clear lucite shoe trend 2019

See more clear footwear styles:

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if purchases are made by clicking links.

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See more shoes and shop the trends:

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