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March 3, 2024

Gucci Marmont Crossbody Bag Review

Every so often I treat myself to a luxury fashion gift. It typically happens on a birthday or after reaching a personal goal. During the pandemic, that gift was the Gucci GG Marmont small shoulder bag in pastel pink leather. Before making the purchase, I sought out online reviews for more information on interior capacity, durability, and quality. As is often the case with online searches for handbag reviews, I was led to YouTube, where I was met with an overload of enthusiastic unboxing videos and a lack of practical, useful information to help guide my purchasing decisions. Eventually, I braved the COVID retail landscape to visit a Gucci store to see the bag in person, test out the interior capacity, and try it on. 

I had originally planned to write this review soon after my purchase in late 2020, but time got the best of me and I forgot. All the better, because now I can attest to how my Gucci Marmont crossbody bag has stood the test of time. 

After buying my Gucci GG Marmont bag and using it for three years, I'm sharing my thoughts in this Gucci Marmont bag review with the hope that it will be of value to potential shoppers looking for helpful, real world opinions. At $1200 and up, the GG Marmont bag is not a purchase to take lightly.


I debated between the pastel blue and the pink (which are no longer available). In the end, I went with this pink beauty pictured below. It's a color which blends seamlessly into my wardrobe, and while I already own a black Marmont bag, this pink one actually gets more wear. For 2024, they came out with a new pink version with a tonal pink logo. 

Gucci Marmont crossbody bag pink


In terms of size, my Gucci Marmont bag fits just the essentials: a small wallet, keys, my mobile phone, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and a few cosmetics. This is the "small" size. Unfortunately, I cannot fit a water bottle or reusable bag in it, but it's still a versatile and convenient size for everyday errands, going out to lunch, etc.

The dimensions are approximately 9.5" in width, 5" in height, and 3" in depth. The interior has one small interior slip pocket, which is about the right size for a lip gloss. The lining is made of microfiber fabric, which feels like suede. The interior does stain easily, so I recommend taking care to prevent pen marks and other pernicious stains. 

Gucci Marmont bag interior


The Gucci Marmont bag strap is adjustable, and the hardware is high very quality. The zipper opens and closes smoothly, but the pull tabs are short leather cords, instead of a metal pull tab. One of the things I dislike about the shoulder strap is that there is no strap keeper on the lower end, so the extra strap length sticks out a little bit. 

Gucci Marmont bag pink

As you can see below, I tied pink ribbon around mine to keep it in place. Otherwise, the bag is comfortable to wear, which is something to look out for when the strap has a thinner width like this. In the past, I've found that wider straps are more comfortable on my shoulders. 

I wear mine across the body on the shortest strap setting, but you can also wear it on your shoulder or clutch it under your arm. 

Gucci Marmont bag small pink

Gucci Marmont crossbody bag outfits


The Gucci Marmont matelass√© leather and the stitching are impeccable on my bag, and even after a few years, I can find no noticeable flaws. Unfortunately, the Gucci Marmont bags don't have feet on the bottom to protect them, so I never place my bag on the floor in order to keep it clean. I occasionally wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. I also take care not to wear the bag with dark denim or black pants, since darker colors can cause color crocking on lighter leather goods. With consistent care and storage, these bags can last for many years, making them a good investment.

I still regret not buying the blue bag, but at the time, I could only afford one, so pink was it. I've also been thinking about getting the white leather version for a while now, since it will pair with almost everything I wear during the summer.

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