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November 27, 2019

Winter 2020 Holiday Accessories Trend Forecast and Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to delve into the Fashion Snoops Holiday 2020 fashion trend accessories forecast. There are three Fashion Snoops themes for the holiday 2020 season that I'll be sharing here. They are called: Belle Noel, Yuletide Cheer, and Keepsake. Let's take a closer look at each theme, including mood boards, color palettes, and key items. With each theme, I'll be sharing holiday 2019 gift guides for each trend so that you can get holiday shopping ideas and inspiration.

1. Belle Noel

belle noel holiday 2020 trend

Inspired by the Fashion Snoops Fall/Winter 2020/2021 forecast Resonance, Belle Noel transports us to Christmas morning in Versailles. Gilded glamour is grounded by antiqued touches, highlighting a gentle color palette inspired by Rococo art and architecture. Gold finishes and floral motifs bring us into a world of wintertime decadence, grounded by a union of antiquity and contemporary.

belle noel holiday 2020 mood board

The color palette includes a saturated "teaberry" shade, pale neutrals called "vow" and "hemp", as well as a deep green named "euphoria."

belle noel holiday 2020 color forecast

The cozy beanie, mini bags, and bow barrettes are key items.

belle noel holiday 2020 key items

Shop Belle Noel:

2. Yuletide Cheer

yuletide cheer holiday 2020

This theme brings a joyous and bright twist to the holiday season. Pastel hues are carried throughout the story, adding a youthful sentiment that allows us to relive our childhood memories of this special time of year. Accessories are full of soft yet colorful tones and infused with cozy vintage elements, enhanced by plush textures perfect for the winter months. With its handmade elements, this story allows us to get creative with our traditions.

yuletide cheer holiday 2020 mood board

The color palette includes a saturated red called "heat glow", as well as some soft pastels and a bold pink called "fete." The Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific collection is a perfect example of the Yuletide Cheer theme.

yuletide cheer holiday 2020 color forecast

Key items are the sweater scarf, cocktail ring, and statement headband in faux fur.

yuletide cheer holiday 2020 key items

Shop Yuletide Cheer:

3. Keepsake 

keepsake holiday 2020 trend

Inspired by the F/W 20/21 forecast Clarion, this story is a sophisticated take on soft earthiness. Taking influence from contemporary lodge living, this holiday theme keeps traditions alive by indulging in traditional craftsmanship that interplays with modern-day functionality and appeal. Keepsake is about mixing nature and industrial glam together to form something that can be treasured by one and all. 

keepsake holiday 2020 mood board

The color palette is earthy and filled with neutrals such as "mushroom," "secret," and "orbit."

keepsake holiday 2020 color forecast

Key items are the bucket bag, leather beret, and leather gloves.

keepsake holiday 2020 key items

Shop Keepsake:

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