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February 27, 2015

Eight Denim Trends for 2015

In addition to scouting spring summer 2016 fashion trends at MAGIC Market Week, I also had a chance to visit the Aztex Denim Trend gallery in the Sourcing area. This is where fabric mills, fiber companies, and garment manufacturers present the latest and greatest in the denim category. Given the ubiquity of regular blue jeans in our modern lives, I found it refreshing to see such a wide variety of finishes, textures, and prints. Clearly, denim has dramatically evolved from the basic blue jeans of previous decades. 

If you love denim, then I hope you'll find inspiration in this post. Fortunately, they had quite a few samples on display in the Aztex gallery. The boards were organized into the following trend categories: printed denim, nature-inspired denim, colored denim, metallic foil denim, embellished denim, lace denim, acid washed, and leather appliqués. Here's a closer look at each trend.

2015 printed denim trend

Shop printed denim:

2015 nature inspired denim trend forecast

2015 colored denim trend

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2015 metallic foil denim trend forecast

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2015 embellished denim trend

2015 lace denim trend forecast

2015 acid washed denim trend

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2015 leather appliques denim trend forecast

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