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September 21, 2011

A Peek at the Hart of Dixie Wardrobe

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rammer Jammer set

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rammer Jammer bar

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rachel Bilson, Meredith Markworth-Pollack

Rachel and Meredith wearing Chloé footwear ('Suzanna' boots pictured on the right)

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rachel Bilson, Meredith Markworth-Pollack, Chloe tie-up wedges, Chloe studded boots

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rachel Bilson

Hart of Dixie Zoe Hart's wardrobe

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Alexander Wang Freja boots

Alexander Wang boots (get them on sale in grey)

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Rachel Bilson style, Zoe Hart wardrobe

Hart of Dixie Lemon's wardrobe

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Lemon's Breeland's wardrobe

Hart of Dixie, Lemon's Breeland's wardrobe

Hart of Dixie wardrobe, Lemon's jewelry, J/ Crew jewelry

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting the Warner Bros. set of the CW's new show Hart of Dixie, which stars Rachel Bilson and Jaime King.  On the show, Rachel's character, Zoe Hart, is an aspiring cardio-thoracic surgeon from NYC who moves to BlueBell, Alabama, to perfect her bedside manner as a general physician.  Jaime King plays the part of Lemon Breeland, a BlueBell local with demure and dainty style. In stark contrast, Zoe's style is polished, chic, and urban with a touch of glamour.  (Think Chanel and Tory Burch mixed with Low Luv and Rag & Bone.)

As we walked onto the set, we encountered a charmingly rustic diner named the Rammer Jammer. Along with other fashion bloggers including Aimee, Nicole, Melanie, and Rebecca, I got an intimate behind-the-scenes peek at the wardrobe used on the show.

During the Q&A with Rachel Bilson and the show's costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack, we learned that many of Jaime King's wardrobe pieces are vintage and locally sourced. Rachel revealed that (like me,) she loves fall because it allows her to dress in chunky sweaters and layers.  She forever endeared herself to me when she inquired of a blogger if her sweater was Missoni for Target (which it was), to which Rachel replied that she'd wanted the luggage.  I admitted that I bought the small luggage, but later returned it when I read the lead warning label.  During the Q&A we also learned that Rachel enjoys shopping at net-a-porter, and her character's fish-out-of-water style will play prominently in the show.  Rachel also admitted that her personal style is more casual than her character's. After the Q&A I was amazed to learn that Meredith is from the town where I live (it's a small world), and we shared stories about our local secondhand stores and favorite sources of vintage clothing.

While browsing the racks of clothing for Zoe's character, I spied a shimmery Marc Jacobs sweater, a sleek Hervé Léger dress, a chic By Malene Birger jacket, Alexander Wang boots, and some leopard Jimmy Choos that would easily be at home in my closet if not for the price points. Unlike Zoe, Jaime King's character, Lemon, is a quintessential southern belle; she wear dainty prints, pastels, and ultra feminine 1950s-style dresses like the ones found at Nordstrom and modcloth.  Although my personal style is more akin to Zoe's, I was repeatedly drawn to the ladylike vintage frocks, frame bags, and pretty blouses (in the four photos immediately above) worn by Jaime's character Lemon.

I owe a big thank you to all the kind and friendly folks at Warner Bros. for putting together this event and giving us bloggers a chance to go behind the scenes, chat with Rachel and Meredith, and learn about the wardrobe of Hart of Dixie.  The show airs on Monday night after Gossip Girl (9pm ET/PT), and after watching the pilot, I can't wait to see the next episode. Think plot twists, compelling characters, gorgeous cinematography, interesting fashion, and love triangles.

Steal Dr. Zoe Hart's style:

Steal Lemon Breeland's style:

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