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November 14, 2022

UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots Review

This fall, platform footwear is getting all the attention. The design team at UGG is taking advantage of this Y2K fashion resurgence with their new and best selling UGG Classic Mini platform boots. By the way, the black colorway was just restocked. They retail for $160, a $10 price increase over the UGG Classic Mini boots. I scored a pair, and they are even more comfortable than the non-platform UGG Classic Mini boots. They are worth the $160 investment because they are comfortable, versatile, and on-trend. The sole is well cushioned, while giving me an appreciated two extra inches of height. I wore these all day while on my feet, and they provided nice support while keeping my feet warm in cold and windy weather. In this UGG Classic Mini Platform Boots review, I'll be sharing my thoughts on quality, fit, and sizing.

ugg classic ultra mini platform boots chestnut

Above, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini platform boots in the ever-popular chestnut colorway.

January 2023 update - If you buy UGG boots or shoes on DHGate, they are not authentic. The cheap plastic bags that DHGate uses, plus the outdated "UGG Australia" logo are two of the first obvious signs. Deckers, the company that owns UGG, dropped "Australia" from the UGG logo several years ago. Plus, UGG ships their products in cardboard boxes, not plastic bags. Don't be fooled by their counterfeit products. DHGATE sells fakes.

Quick guide for how to authenticate UGGs:

In 2022, UGG started using a QR code on the back side of the left shoe size tag. Look for a hologram strip with the UGG logo and a number/letter code as pictured below.

New in 2022, look for a number/letter code on both size tags in the left AND right shoe. Previously, this code was ONLY in the left shoe. 

UGG is constantly changing their security hologram tags every year, so older UGGs will have a slightly different look to their security tags.

UGG platform boots do not have a two-tone outsole. A closer look will show that the outsole has three uniform layers as seen above. The sole of the ultra mini platforms will say "SugarSole". 

ugg security hologram tag

ugg security hologram tag

September 2023 update - Shop UGG shoes, accessories, and apparel:

January 3, 2023 update - Shop a more affordable version (a look for less style that's not a counterfeit). 

Shop these styles in four colors (not made by UGG) under $80:

Below, the UGG Classic Mini platform boots in black

UGG Classic Mini platform boots black

Appearance and Sizing

The UGG Classic Mini Platform boots come in three colorways: black, white, chestnut, and radish (a bright, dark pink). I've also seen them in Forest Night, a deep olive green, which is currently sold out. The chunky soles of the UGG Classic Mini Platform boots are two inches, and they can make your feet appear bigger because of the thick platform and large toe box. I tried on my regular size, but I felt that they looked too bulky, and since there was room in front of my toes, I went a size down. They fit very nicely when I wear them barefoot or with socks. In terms of sizing, these run similar to the non-platform UGG Classic mini boots. Most people size down on this style. As you wear UGG boots, the wool footbed will flatten, leaving more room for your feet. My verdict on sizing is to size down unless you'll wear them with thick socks. 

The shaft height not including the platform is five inches, which is the same as the non-platform version. Compared to the UGG Classic Ultra Mini platforms, these look more balanced and proportionate in terms of shaft height to sole thickness. 

UGG Classic Mini platform boots black

Quality and Construction

If well cared for and treated with a suede protector, these should last several seasons. I would not wear these in the snow or heavy rain in order to protect the suede. (The UGG Adirondack is a good snow boot.) I use a lint roller frequently on mine since black shows dust and lint more than lighter colors. I also place the cardboard shoe shapers inside to keep them looking nice and new. Despite being chunky platforms, these boots are surprisingly light and easy to walk in. You won't get foot fatigue from these. They are sturdy, durable, and a top pick for comfortable, warm winter boots. 

If you're not used to platforms, I recommend walking around in them on carpet to get used to the height. They are much easier to get on and off compared to the Classic Ultra Mini boots, which require some effort to guide your foot in. I am looking forward to getting more when new colors are released for the spring season.

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