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January 16, 2021

How To Shop Simone Rocha x H&M on March 11

It's official! Spring is coming soon, and in addition to warmer weather, there's a fun new fashion collaboration to look forward to. If you've been living in jogger pants or loungewear thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there's inspiration for more stylish (or dressy) days ahead.

Fast fashion retailer H&M has announced their next designer collaboration, and it's with Simone Rocha. Mark your calendars and set your reminders for the big launch day! Simone Rocha x H&M debuts on March 11. #SimoneRochaxHM

Bookmark this page now to shop online on March 11.

April 1, 2021 update -

Shop best sellers:

Read these tips from H&M on how to shop. 

Returns of items purchased online are not accepted in stores, only via mail within 30 days. Purchases are limited to one of each item per person.

Simone Rocha x H&M lookbook preview

Known for her voluminous silhouettes, Simone Rocha was named British Womenswear Designer of the Year at the 2016 British Fashion Awards. Using her Irish heritage as inspiration, her creations include beautiful ruffles, voluminous tulle, floral blooms, pearl details, fancy necklines, and edgy tailoring. 

What's the Simone Rocha x H&M collection like? According to H&M, we'll be able to shop "delicate tulle dresses, tartan tailoring, beaded shirting, cable knits, outerwear such as trench coats, and signature accessories like sparkling jewelry and pearl-embellished shoes. The entire range comes in Simone Rocha's identifiable and poetic color palette that mixes cream, pink, red and black."

The icing on the cake? It's for the entire family! The collection includes Simone Rocha's signature womenswear, alongside menswear and childrenswear, marking the first time she has designed pieces for the whole family.

I'm sharing some shopping tips for how to shop Simone Rocha x H&M. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I strongly encourage you to shop online and not in stores, but I'll be sharing tips for both. The priority is to stop the spread by staying home whenever possible.

simone rocha x H&M lookbook images

The Online Strategy (The Preferred Way to Shop)

1. Bookmark this page now and learn the lookbook. Once the entire lookbook is released, study it carefully to select your favorites, get outfit inspiration, research the sizing, choose colorways, and check the prices. 

2. Play favorites. Make a Pinterest board, list, or collage of your favorites to help you stick to your budget and prioritize your potential purchases.

3. Know when and how to shop. In the U.S., these collections launch online in the morning at a designated time. Bookmark this page now to shop on March 11. In the U.S., they usually launch online at 7 AM EST. The website has crashed in the past, so be extra prepared by using more than one web browser, mobile device, etc. Refresh your browser often and have patience. Expect some glitches and be persistent. Remember that patience is key.

4. Save your info. As the time to shop online approaches, log onto hm.com and have your checkout and payment details saved ahead of time. Clear your cart of any old items in order to streamline the checkout process. This reduces the chances of having your cart emptied of any out-of-stock items before you can complete your order.

5. Click quickly. Shop your top pick(s) first and submit your order right after placing in your cart. Do not shop and fill up your cart. Why? Once an item is in your cart, it's not reserved for you. In order to avoid an item being removed from your cart because it's already sold out, you need to click quickly and complete your order! That's why I create a prioritized wish list and try to buy my top picks first. Online purchases are typically limited to one item per style per person. 

6. Stay social. Check social media channels such as using #SimoneRochaxHM for up-to-the-moment shopping updates, product info, and to connect with other shoppers. 

H&M store

The In-Store Strategy 

1. Know where to go if stores in your area are open.  Plan your shopping well in advance. Be ready to wear a mask and stand in a physically distanced line. Stay home if you are sick! Use the store locator to find the stores near you that'll stock the collection.

2. Phone it in. Be extra prepared by calling your local store the week before the launch to confirm if they'll carry the collection and ask them exactly where/how you should line up to shop.

3. Be an early bird. You know what they say about the early bird. Stores open at 8 AM (instead of 10am) on launch days. I've found in the past that if I arrive by 4 AM or earlier, then I'm able to get into the first or second shopper group. 

4. Play the waiting game and respect the line. Store employees will pass out color-coded wristbands to the first 420 people in line. They do this several hours before the store opens, with each shopper group consisting of 30 people. Each group of 30 shoppers is allowed ten or fifteen minutes in which to shop the collection in a secure and sectioned-off area of the store. They are strict, and with good reason. The time slot goes by really fast, with employees calling out the time at five minute intervals. In between the shopper groups, employees rapidly replenish the merchandise in five-minute intervals. Fitting rooms may be closed due to COVID so be prepared NOT to try anything on.

5. Preparation is key (but first, coffee). I bring a blanket/pillow, cozy jacket, phone charger, water, and healthy snacks to stay energized and comfortable while in line. Bring coffee if needed. I have seen people camp out overnight in tents to be first in line for these collabs. Stock varies widely from store to store, with flagships in metropolitan areas carrying the best selection.

6. Bring a buddy. A healthy family member, friend, or significant other (ideally from your household) might be able to help you get the pieces you want and help you make purchasing decisions. "Divide and conquer" should be your strategy! Arrange to meet in line at the same time or go to the store together (with masks and hand sanitizer) so you're not cutting in line and you can be in the same shopper group for maximum teamwork.

7. Check for go-backs. If your favorite pieces disappear from the racks in a flash, be courteous, be patient, and don't be afraid to ask employees and other shoppers to politely trade to get what you want! Just respect the rules and limits that they have in store. Stay at least six feet away from shoppers as much as possible. Limit your time socializing and shopping in the store to reduce your exposure to the virus.

8. Know your limits. There are quantity limits per person on these collections (it's 1 item per style in stores and 1 item per style online) to prevent buying in bulk, and the return policy time frame is shorter (14 days for purchases online). Be aware of these restrictions in order to prevent any buyer's remorse. Read more about quantity limits and returns here.

9. Persistence pays off. These collections are not restocked, but you can still score your favorites. If you don't find what you want after the launch, check back for returns in the coming days, as many shoppers take items back to the store. Accessories can't be returned for hygiene reasons, so select them carefully. Don't forget to check the customer service desk and clearance racks for returns. Call your local stores to ask what they have in stock and use #SimoneRochaxHM on social media to buy/trade with others.

10. Consider main line Simone Rocha instead. With high resale prices right after the launch, you can likely buy main line Simone Rocha on sale for less. 

simone rocha x H&M lookbook

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