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March 4, 2018

16 Tips For How To Shop Hunter for Target

Calling all Target Style and Hunter fans! Mark your calendars and set your reminds for Saturday April 14. Beloved British brand Hunter is partnering with my favorite retailer Target for a limited edition collection of boots, outerwear, clothing, shoes, accessories, and outdoor gear for men, women, and children. The #HunterxTarget collection arrives just in time for festival season, spring showers, and all your outdoor summer activities. 

In breaking with previous Target designer collection launches, #HunterxTarget will launch on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. There are over 300 items, including hammocks, sunshades, and coolers. Prices will range from $5 to $80, with most items under $30. Sizes include XS-3X for women, S-XXL for men, and 18M-XL for kids and toddlers.

April 20, 2018 update - Target has decided to cancel the Women's tall rain boots. See their statement on the matter. 

April 14, 2018 update - The Women's tall rain boots are delayed. See Target's explanation here. Watch my Twitter for updates. 

See my post about how to shop Hunter for Target after the launch and score sold-out items. Hint: Nordstrom Rack has discounted Hunter merchandise, with many items under $100.

If you missed out on the sold-out backpack, see the selection of Hunter backpacks that Zappos has right now, with many on sale.

If you missed out on the popular belt bag, consider these alternatives under $70:

Shop this quilted belt bag pictured below by A New Day for $24.99. It comes in black and red

A New Day Target belt bag fanny pack

Shop main line Hunter on sale:

Shop Hunter backpacks:

March 23, 2018 update - See the HunterxTarget lookbook here. Bookmark this page to shop the collection online once it's available. Also, the collection will be available in select stores. See which stores will have it. See the REDcard exclusive items here. See the online exclusives here.


When will the collection go live on Target.com? The collection will go live at Target.com in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 14. Target is not able to provide a specific time. Helpful hint...if you follow me on Twitter @thekeytochic, you'll be amongst the first to shop the collection.

Purchase quantity limits: There will be no purchase limits in Target stores, and standard limit restrictions will apply at Target.com. Target.com purchases are limited to five of the same item and twenty items per cart.

The return policy: Hunter for Target has a 14-day return policy versus the standard 90-day return policy. REDcard holders will receive a 14-day return policy plus an additional 30 days.

Are any collection items available exclusively in-stores or online? Yes, fewer than 20 items are store exclusives; these are small, low-price items such as wallets. Fewer than 60 items in the collection will be available exclusively at Target.com. See the lookbook for more information.

Preview my favorites:


I'm sharing my in-store and online tips for how to score all your Hunter for Target must-haves.

The In-Store Strategy

1. Know where to go.  Plan your shopping well in advance. I've overheard people calling in sick to work just so they could get in line and shop. Be ready to stand in line on Saturday morning. Once it's published, use the store locator to find the stores near you that'll stock the #HunterxTarget collection. 

2. Phone it in. Be extra prepared by calling your local store the week before the launch to confirm if they'll carry the collection and exactly where in the store it'll be located.

3. Be an early bird. You know what they say about the early bird. Stores open at 8am on launch days. I've found in the past that if I arrive by 7:30am or earlier, then I'm able to get what I want due to decreased demand in my geographic region. 
For shoppers who live in large cities, I recommend going at least 1-2 hours before the store opens if you're really motivated to be the first to shop. For shoppers in more suburban or rural areas, the competition and crowds are reduced, but the selection of goods may be as well. In my experience, stock varies widely from store to store. Sometimes metropolitan area stores and stores in higher income neighborhoods carry a better selection of merchandise. It takes some trial and error to find the best stores in your area, and visiting more than one store (if you can) is advised.

4. Bring a buddy. A family member, friend, or significant other might be able to help you get the pieces you want and help you make purchasing decisions. 
Or even better, have a dedicated friend tackle one store while you visit another. "Divide and conquer" should be your strategy! Arrange to meet in line at the same time or go to the store together so you're not cutting in line and you can be in the same shopper group for maximum teamwork. The Lanvin x HM faux fur coat and embellished tee would not be mine if not for a dedicated boyfriend. The same goes for the Isabel Marant x HM fringe boots, and I feel very grateful. Full disclosure: I may or may not have bribed him to shop with me in exchange for a lavish Sunday brunch. 

5. Check for go-backs and barter. If your favorite pieces disappear from the racks in a flash, be courteous, be patient, and don't be afraid to chat with employees and other shoppers to politely trade to get what you want! Just respect the rules that they have in store. The fitting rooms are a great place to start.

6. Know your limits. There are quantity limits per person on these collections to prevent buying in bulk, and the return policy time frame is shorter (usually 14 days for purchases made in stores). Be aware of these restrictions in order to prevent any buyer's remorse. 

7. Persistence pays off. Target does not restock these collections, but you can still score your favorites. If you don't find what you want after the launch, check back for returns in the coming days, as many shoppers make returns. Don't forget to check the customer service desk and clearance racks for returns in early and mid May as well. 
After four or so weeks, the collection might be discounted to 30% (and eventually to 50% or 70%) off, so frequent visits to Target after the launch could really pay off. In mid August 2015, I found some returned Lilly for Target shorts in my size for 50% off. Score! Call your local stores to ask what they have in stock and use #HunterxTarget on social media to buy/trade with others.

8. Consider main line Hunter instead. With inflated resale prices on eBay and other platforms after the launch, you can likely buy main line Hunter and Hunter on sale for less than the marked up resale prices. Consider shopping the real deal if you aren't able to get your #HunterxTarget wish list items.

Hunter for Target lookbook preview

Hunter for Target lookbook preview

The Online Strategy

1. Learn the lookbook. Study the Hunter for Target lookbook preview carefully to select your favorites, get outfit inspiration, research the sizing, choose colorways, see online exclusives, set a budget, and check the prices. 

2. Play favorites. Make a list or collage of your favorites to help you stick to your budget and prioritize your potential purchases.

3. Know when and how to shop. Be extra prepared by using more than one web browser, mobile device, etc. Refresh your browser often and have patience. These collections don't always launch at a specific time. Expect some glitches and be persistent. Remember that patience is key. (If I was forced to choose between shopping online and in store, I'd shop in store. This allows you to try things on, see the sizing, and not have to deal with website glitches.) 

4. Save your info. As the time to shop online approaches, log onto target.com and have your checkout and payment details saved ahead of time. Bookmark this page to shop the Hunter collection. Clear your cart of any items in order to streamline the checkout process. This reduces the chances of having your cart emptied of any out-of-stock items before you can click the "complete order" button.

5. Click quickly. Shop your top pick(s) first and submit your order right after placing in your cart. Do not shop and fill up your cart. Why? Once an item is in your cart, it's not reserved for you. In order to avoid an item being removed from your cart because it's sold out, you need to click quickly and complete your order! That's why I create a prioritized wish list and try to buy my top picks first. 

6. Multi-task. While shopping online, be extra prepared by using more than one web browser, mobile device, etc. Sometimes items become available first on the mobile site, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes some shoppers can see certain items while others cannot. Refresh your browser often and have patience. Items tend to pop up and then disappear during the initial launch. Expect some glitches but don't give up. Remember, persistence and patience are key, and you may have to sacrifice some sleep if you're really motivated to snag your favorites. Let's all hope that Target's site won't have a Missoni or Lilly flashback with all those technical issues. 

7. Save your info and get a RedCard. If you don't have one already, then consider getting a RedCard. Why? Target RedCard users enjoy free shipping, an extra 30 days to return certain merchandise, and a 5% discount on purchases. In a new move, Target is offering RedCard holders the ability to shop exclusive colors (see them here) of select Hunter for Target styles online beginning April 7. Hello, early access!


8. A little birdie said to stay social. Don't miss out on the online launch. Please join me on Friday April 6 and Friday April 13 at 9pm Pacific time on Twitter @thekeytochic to get tips, ask questions, share your excitement, discuss your favorites, and most importantly, get help to be the first to shop the #HunterxTarget collection. 

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Hunter for Target men's olive rain boots

Above, an olive green pair of Men's Hunter for Target rain boots ($40). 

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