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October 27, 2015

Spring Summer 2016 Children's Fashion Trend Forecast

During my time at the MAGIC trade shows in Las Vegas, I was able to get a glimpse of four Childrenswear trends for spring summer 2016 at the Fashion Snoops trend galleries. While I don't normally cover fashion trends for children, I was inspired by the color palettes and adorable outfits presented on the trend boards. Plus, I've been stalking the Girl's clothing department at Zara lately, and their quirky, yet adult-like take on trends has me in Childrenswear mode. 

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Let's start with a closer look at Futurist, the first trend. According to Fashion Snoops, "the future is now is the mantra for the young, tech-savvy futurist. Chic, polished, and on the cutting edge of technology, our young futurist only looks forward and envisions a world of streamlined, intuitive, and minimal design. Technical fabrics like neoprene, nylon, and plastics meld with science that allows materials to monitor our vitals. Apparel continues to evolve into an extension of ourselves as the search for the next piece of wearable tech continues. Prints and patterns create 3-D imagery while monochromatic and gender-neutral ensembles highlight the growing importance of activewear in our every day experience."

Futurist Children's Fashion Trend forecast spring summer 2016

The second trend, Naturalist, is described in this manner: "A scholar of natural history, these young naturalists pack their bags and hail away to a far away rain forest. There, they spend their days under a canopy of trees collecting, dissecting, and cataloging exotic specimens. They spend nights under a canvas tent reading and journaling by the faint glow of a lantern. Inquisitive, adventurous, and meticulous, these young botanists are relentless in their pursuit of new wildlife. With function at top of mind, their daily uniform is crafted in durable canvas or waxed denim for easy trekking through the brush. Easy zippers, multiple pockets and camouflage-inspired color palettes are key for these slightly eccentric explorers, collectors, and scientists."

Naturalist children's Fashion Trend forecast spring summer 2016

The third trend, Sea Scribe, is a story "rooted in proverbs and surrounded by folklore. The Sea Scribe spins a story of a child wise beyond their years. Living a relatively solitude life by the sea, the modern world of video games, internet and television are non-existent as this child pores over cracked volumes of age-old tales that teach life lessons of integrity, dignity, and inner peace. A true artist, they are disciplined in gyotaku, a traditional method of Japanese fish printing, and also a skilled embroiderer. Having acquired an inner peace, they pay little attention to material goods, choosing to wear loose-fitting tunics and pants crafted from fine linen or super soft denim. Timeless Japanese traditions like sashiko quilting and indigo dyes create a minimalist but powerful collection of gender-neutral items that encapsulate both the Old and New World." 

Sea Scribe Fashion Trend forecast spring summer 2016

The brightest trend is Curious Charmer. Fashion Snoops describes the trends in this way: "The wondrous, overactive imaginations of children are projected onto an urban landscape in the Curious Charmer, elevating mundane city streets and scenes with splashes of childlike charm. Here, our mischievous tall-take story spinner is a true individual expressing themselves through art, music, and dance. A "no rules" approach is evident in their apparel as bright colors, pattern mixing, and elements of costuming result in a look that truly belongs to them alone. Dream worlds are brought to life in playgrounds, art and industrial design that  pull inspiration straight from the imagination. 

Curious Charmer Fashion Trend forecast spring summer 2016

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