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October 16, 2013

Germany Photo Diary

If you're an Instagram follower, you may have seen my recent photos of the German countryside. I was lucky enough to spend eight days on a relaxing river cruise on the Mosel, Rhine, and Main Rivers. The trip included castle tours, academic lectures on German culture and history, medieval villages, wine tasting, an abundance of food, and more picturesque scenery than I ever imagined. I'm still trying to process all of the amazing things that I saw, including intoxicated Würzburg University students completely disrobing on the Old Main Bridge in 7°C weather as part of a back-to-school tradition. Although I have photos (and video) I'll refrain from posting them here. Perhaps they'll make it onto my Facebook page? Still debating in my jet-lagged state of mind.

Honeymooners, take note! While gazing out at the surreal views of the German countryside last week, I kept thinking that this trip would make for a very romantic post-wedding destination, especially for wine aficionados. Below are the visual highlights of my time and my bundled-up personal style, as seen through the lens of my trusty iPhone.

traditional German Village

The Key To Chic in Germany

German fruit pastry Dessert

Cochem Germany

Bernkastel Germany

German Village

Cochem Germany

German Countryside


Koblenz Gondola ride


Rothenburg Germany

Reichsburg Castle

Rothenburg Germany

German Schneeballen snowball desserts

Rothenburg Germany

Würzburg germany

Versace for Rosenthal dinnerware

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